See You Later, See You Soon

I love how fun my friends are.


Currently, one is on the floor strumming the guitar, learning The Call by Regina Spektor. The other is meticulously folding clothes as she sorts through her life and decides what will, and what won’t, travel with her to foreign lands in a few weeks.

She’s strumming, watching a youtube vide, and stopping in order to try again. She’ll get it right by the end of the night. The other is wondering how she acquired a sleeping bag liner, and to whom it might belong.

Two of my best friends are leaving the country in a matter of weeks, leaving me in Georgia to work and welcome in the fall without them. They will miss my birthday, pumpkin spice lattes, and Christmas. One leaves tomorrow to visit family, and the other will go home to Missouri this weekend, before both head to the nations.

Endings are tough, even if they are only for a season, not forever, not final.

It’s our last night as a trio.
It hasn’t sunk in yet.

As the three of us sit here, in my room, in the same space, we are in our own worlds. Playing guitar, packing, thinking. I cannot tell you what went through their minds, but I know that it was bittersweet for me.

Bitter, because the two people I have spent the most time with in Georgia these past six months will soon be gone for the upcoming six months. Sweet, because they are both heading back out into the world to bring the Kingdom, and follow where God is leading them.

Watching Kacie play guitar on the floor reminded me of our times on the World Race, when she would strum and sing and be in her own world, worshipping the Father. There are sweet memories associated with worship, Kacie, A-squad, and the World Race. In a few short weeks, she will fly to Africa, where she will be leading a squad of 40 World Racers.

I had the chance to train her squad last month when they came to Georgia for camp, and they are spectacular people. Those men and women are in for a beautiful, hard, and amazing year on the Race. To have the chance to watch this process from the staff side is truly a blessing, and to watch one of my best friends step into leadership is brilliant.

She is wise, discerning, hysterical, filled with love, dedicated, steadfast, beautiful. She’s also more compassionate & empathetic than she gives herself credit for. This woman has a lot to offer them, and impart to them in these upcoming months and I could not think of a better person to lead them on the Race. She’s also a skilled and beautiful writer, and I can’t wait to follow her blog as she goes with X-squad around the globe.

[You can follow her too! Click here!]

Sam is running around, making piles of clothes on her bed, and on mine. She attempted to ditch a nineties style jean jacket, which I insisted on trying on first. I joke and tell her that it’s the one thing she should bring with her to the Philippines. A ridiculous notion. All three of us know A) it will be too hot and sweaty and B) she would not wear it. But I will!


The same day that Kacie (plus her fellow squad leaders, and approximately 180 Racers) launches from Georgia, Sam will fly to Guatemala. She and a team of young adults are going to be at our base in Antigua for training before heading to the Philippines for six months, where they will work with Wipe Every Tear. It’s an organization, founded by Kenny Sacht, that focuses on:

“rescuing and bringing new life, transformation, and hope to precious girls trafficked in the sex trade.”

Kenny came to visit the office several months ago, and shared about the girls in the Philippines. In the months that followed, Sam heard the Lord telling her to go. She has been working in Admissions here at Adventures, but the Lord has been tugging at her heart, and so, go she shall. Maybe it’ll be for six months, maybe it will be longer; she is open to what the Lord has for her in this, and is taking the first step.

[If you want to see more about Kenny’s org click here]

Sam is a fighter. She’s a prayer warrior. She’s a feeler who petitions the Lord on the behalf of others. Jesus knew just what he was doing when I moved down her and into her bedroom back in January. We were automatically friends and have lived life together every day (when we’re both in town) these past few months.

The three of us just work well together.
We have laughed, cried, sang, danced, worked out, eaten, cooked, baked, built forts, prayed together, swam, run.
The list goes on.

So here I sit, on my bed, knowing that tomorrow morning when Sam & I go to Kacie’s for coffee, it will be the last time for many months. Earlier today we laughed uncontrollably until all three of us cried. We went and got fro-yo from Racetrac, made dinner, and now here we are, in my room.

A goodbye means that later there will be a reunion. One filled with joy and laughter and stories and coffee. It will be oh so sweet to come together again and tell tales of how the Lord is moving around the world. Of how girls are rescued and Racers are transformed by the love of our Father. Of how the three of us learned and saw and tasted that He is good.

It’s our last night, but only for a little while. I have no doubt that I’ll see these two beautiful, crazy women again. God is good, and these friendships have been a blessing I could not have dreamed up. I think I’ll soak in this time, this evening, these moments.

I have learned so much from them in these past months. They have taught me about life and God and friendship and devotion. About hearing the Lord’s voice, discernment and looking for blessings daily.

Today, I say cheers to new seasons, friendships that stand the test of time and space, and following the Lord when He calls. 


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