Jenna the Journeyer

Well hello there! My name is Jenna. Enchanté.

I’m here chronicling the good, the hard, the crazy, the funny, the profound, and every adjective in between of my life.

I am a travel loving, adventure seeking, history obsessing, joy bringing, coffee drinking, book reading, young woman who dreams of living in London.

I love life. And giggling. And people.
I can be a little ridiculous, but life is a ton of fun, and I’m loving it.

I am always in search of my new favorite beverage. Or small world connection.

Currently you can find me in the sunny southwest, melting in the Phoenician sunshine.

This one time, I left home to go on a mission trip for 11 months.
It’s called the World Race. Some crazy stuff happened.
Read about that here.

Hang around awhile and join the journey.

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