Evening Turned Extraordinary

Tonight is a Sunday, and despite the fact that the Superbowl is holding the nation’s attention, I am in my room enjoying a quiet evening alone. This weekend was magnificent, but it was also jam-packed, and I need the rest before another week begins. I need a moment, a breath, a span of time ofContinue reading “Evening Turned Extraordinary”

The Office Job that Changed the World

My job is unlike any that I had ever imagined. It wasn’t on a list, given to me by a career counselor. It wasn’t searchable on Google. I didn’t find it through a job fair. It has been one year since I started working for Adventures in Missions. Hands down, this has been the mostContinue reading “The Office Job that Changed the World”

This Is What You Do

I’ve been listening to a song on repeat today. It’s the only sound I hear, apart from the hum of my refrigerator and the occasional car driving past my apartment complex. It’s always like springtime with you, making all things new. Your light is breaking through the dark.   Bethel, somehow, you connect with myContinue reading “This Is What You Do”