Adventures in Guatemala

These are the craziest roads. Each seat is crammed with three people; we twist and turn through the hills of Guatemala at a speed faster than I am comfortable with. It is like constantly playing the corners game; hold on so you don’t fall off your seat, brace as your momentum attempts to carry youContinue reading “Adventures in Guatemala”

St. Louis for 7 Hours, Then Home

ROAD TRIP RULES: #1 – The amount of time spent in transit must be equal to or less than the amount of time spent at destination. #2 – Please refer to Rule #1 Okay, okay, I hear your guffaw from here. Yes, I am aware of the existence of other rules. Not to mention, there are suggestions,Continue reading “St. Louis for 7 Hours, Then Home”

A Date in Copenhagen

It was his shaggy light brown hair and his hidden smile, which I could tell wanted to break out, that drew me to him. He sat alone on the ledge with his back against the glass, his hard, shiny carry-on suitcase in front of him. Though he looked content enough with his solitude, I noticed himContinue reading “A Date in Copenhagen”

“Elementary,” Said He

Reading is my obsession.  It is an addiction, a fixation, a passion in my life. Without relent, reading has been something I spend more time doing than is likely considered healthy. During college, it was easy to tell I had an important paper, project or exam soon because I could be found reading a book fromContinue reading ““Elementary,” Said He”

Turning 22 Abroad

December, 2015. This year, I turned 26; I hit my “late twenties,” and life certainly is different than what I anticipated. Yet, I have no sadness about getting older – birthdays, and the subsequent celebrations hold a special place in my heart, and always have. When I turned 22 abroad while traveling on The World Race, I’ll admitContinue reading “Turning 22 Abroad”

The Lipstick Gospel – A Story of Beauty & Love

I’m sitting on a love-seat out on the porch of an idyllic hotel, instrumental music playing in my headphones, watching the cars pass by on their way to Historic Branson. A glass of moscato on the table next to me, it is a perfect day, truly. The weather is beautiful, and though the wind whipsContinue reading “The Lipstick Gospel – A Story of Beauty & Love”

Who Says You’re Supposed To?

Tomorrow. Oh my word, tomorrow. It is Friday, the 29th of August. When did that happen?! For months, it felt as though time would never pass, as though I had become stuck in winter, or spring. In January, August felt an eternity away. In March, I counted the days until its arrival. I was treadingContinue reading “Who Says You’re Supposed To?”