Hospitality, Kindness, & Cinnamon Rolls

Working at an establishment that is full parts Bed & Breakfast, Cafe, and Wine Bar, is a daily adventure. It means I often become a one-woman wonder of a show, juggling reservations, liquor orders, phone calls, and waitressing. All at once. No two days are ever exactly the same. I wholeheartedly believe working in the service industry should beContinue reading “Hospitality, Kindness, & Cinnamon Rolls”

Finding God in a Library

I wandered through the stacks today. There’s something profoundly different between a public library full of fiction, (of sci-fi stories, murder mysteries and graphic novels) and Memorial Library here in Madison, which holds 78.5 miles of shelving and books in over 300 languages. Staring at title upon title in language upon language that I doContinue reading “Finding God in a Library”