“Elementary,” Said He

Reading is my obsession.  It is an addiction, a fixation, a passion in my life. Without relent, reading has been something I spend more time doing than is likely considered healthy. During college, it was easy to tell I had an important paper, project or exam soon because I could be found reading a book fromContinue reading ““Elementary,” Said He”

The Office Job that Changed the World

My job is unlike any that I had ever imagined. It wasn’t on a list, given to me by a career counselor. It wasn’t searchable on Google. I didn’t find it through a job fair. It has been one year since I started working for Adventures in Missions. Hands down, this has been the mostContinue reading “The Office Job that Changed the World”

This Is What You Do

I’ve been listening to a song on repeat today. It’s the only sound I hear, apart from the hum of my refrigerator and the occasional car driving past my apartment complex. It’s always like springtime with you, making all things new. Your light is breaking through the dark.   Bethel, somehow, you connect with myContinue reading “This Is What You Do”

See You Later, See You Soon

I love how fun my friends are.   Currently, one is on the floor strumming the guitar, learning The Call by Regina Spektor. The other is meticulously folding clothes as she sorts through her life and decides what will, and what won’t, travel with her to foreign lands in a few weeks. She’s strumming, watchingContinue reading “See You Later, See You Soon”