Evening Turned Extraordinary

Tonight is a Sunday, and despite the fact that the Superbowl is holding the nation’s attention, I am in my room enjoying a quiet evening alone. This weekend was magnificent, but it was also jam-packed, and I need the rest before another week begins. I need a moment, a breath, a span of time of refreshment and solitude to get myself gathered again.

It began with a nap, and then a bit of television. Nothing profound, nothing spectacular – a decently average, forgetful time. A few episodes later, I was already getting tired, and knew I needed a hot shower and some time with the Lord before calling it a night.

My iphone plugged in, my worship music filling my small bathroom space, I let the hot water run over me, and goodness, it felt wonderful. Road trips, however fun they are, (don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore them) always make me feel the need to be clean, asap. I’m guessing most people feel that way after being stuck in any one place for hours on end.

Artwork is strewn about my floor, finally framed. One step at a time, right? After convincing myself it would indeed look better on the wall, I nailed some up, and made my bed.

It was then that the extraordinary collided with the everyday. Where I Belong, by Cory Asbury, started playing. Within an instant, I went from nonchalantly making my bed, to hearing those words sung. Then, I found myself on my back on the floor of my room, singing along.

I am in awe. The Lord calls me Beloved. His presence is where I belong. Though I have heard this song countless times, though I typically find myself casually singing along, this time was different.

This time, the presence of the Lord was almost tangible, as I lay and sang in my room. I say “sang,” but really, I mouthed the words as tears streamed down my face, my throat too constricted to actually sing. Eyes closed, I let the melody fill my ears.

Do you ever have these moments? Where you are struck by the Lord’s goodness, his care, his compassion? Where his extraordinary love overwhelms you?

It doesn’t matter which state I live in, or where I go, because where I belong, is in his presence, and he’s omnipresent.

He calls me into a secret place, he beckons to me to come and be with him. To meet with him. To spend time with him. To be in his presence.

The same is true for you, too, dear one.

I could not be more grateful. Tonight, it brought me to my knees and moved me to tears. He, and he alone, is what I need. Praises, for reminders, and for the love of the Father. He is good, y’all.

One response to “Evening Turned Extraordinary”

  1. Love your heart! So beautifully written.

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