Adventures in Guatemala

These are the craziest roads. Each seat is crammed with three people; we twist and turn through the hills of Guatemala at a speed faster than I am comfortable with. It is like constantly playing the corners game; hold on so you don’t fall off your seat, brace as your momentum attempts to carry youContinue reading “Adventures in Guatemala”

Hospitality, Kindness, & Cinnamon Rolls

Working at an establishment that is full parts Bed & Breakfast, Cafe, and Wine Bar, is a daily adventure. It means I often become a one-woman wonder of a show, juggling reservations, liquor orders, phone calls, and waitressing. All at once. No two days are ever exactly the same. I wholeheartedly believe working in the service industry should beContinue reading “Hospitality, Kindness, & Cinnamon Rolls”

St. Louis for 7 Hours, Then Home

ROAD TRIP RULES: #1 – The amount of time spent in transit must be equal to or less than the amount of time spent at destination. #2 – Please refer to Rule #1 Okay, okay, I hear your guffaw from here. Yes, I am aware of the existence of other rules. Not to mention, there are suggestions,Continue reading “St. Louis for 7 Hours, Then Home”

A Date in Copenhagen

It was his shaggy light brown hair and his hidden smile, which I could tell wanted to break out, that drew me to him. He sat alone on the ledge with his back against the glass, his hard, shiny carry-on suitcase in front of him. Though he looked content enough with his solitude, I noticed himContinue reading “A Date in Copenhagen”

“Elementary,” Said He

Reading is my obsession.  It is an addiction, a fixation, a passion in my life. Without relent, reading has been something I spend more time doing than is likely considered healthy. During college, it was easy to tell I had an important paper, project or exam soon because I could be found reading a book fromContinue reading ““Elementary,” Said He”

Turning 22 Abroad

December, 2015. This year, I turned 26; I hit my “late twenties,” and life certainly is different than what I anticipated. Yet, I have no sadness about getting older – birthdays, and the subsequent celebrations hold a special place in my heart, and always have. When I turned 22 abroad while traveling on The World Race, I’ll admitContinue reading “Turning 22 Abroad”

Evening Turned Extraordinary

Tonight is a Sunday, and despite the fact that the Superbowl is holding the nation’s attention, I am in my room enjoying a quiet evening alone. This weekend was magnificent, but it was also jam-packed, and I need the rest before another week begins. I need a moment, a breath, a span of time ofContinue reading “Evening Turned Extraordinary”

The Lipstick Gospel – A Story of Beauty & Love

I’m sitting on a love-seat out on the porch of an idyllic hotel, instrumental music playing in my headphones, watching the cars pass by on their way to Historic Branson. A glass of moscato on the table next to me, it is a perfect day, truly. The weather is beautiful, and though the wind whipsContinue reading “The Lipstick Gospel – A Story of Beauty & Love”